Information for Pet Owners Services

Off-leash Pet Area

Enjoy the great outdoors with your four-legged friend.

Whether you have four legs or two, Parkes Shire Council gives everyone equal opportunity to enjoy your time outdoors.

In accordance with the Companion Animals Act, Council provides an off-leash area for pet activities at Spicer Park which is located on the corner of Bushman and East Streets in Parkes.

The off-leash area utilises the most south easterly portion of Spicer Park. This area is approximately 3 hectares in area. It is fenced on two sides and has a large embankment on a third side. Toilet facilities are provided across Bushman Street. A waste bin is provided at the Bushman Street entrance to the area.

Council has recently opened a new dog park at Kelly Reserve located on the corner of Newell Highway and Thomas Street in Parkes. The new off leash dog park is fully fenced, meaning playful pooches can run with the pack without risk of running into trouble such as traffic or playgrounds.

The dog park includes a general exercise area, as well as a separate agility yard with permanent fixtures, which will encourage canines to exercise both body and mind. The entry is double gated to prevent accidental escapes.

There is new turf, plenty of shade, and even bench seating for owners who might not have as much energy to burn. A pooch drinking bowl post was installed so dogs can keep hydrated. The park is also fitted with bag dispensers, so owners can easily clean up after their dogs.

Council encourages all residents and visitors to show good dog walking etiquette, by remembering to ‘scoop the poop’ and dispose of all droppings appropriately.

Dogs are not permitted at schools, preschools, children’s playgrounds and on the playing surfaces of sports fields, even if they are on a leash.

There is no doubt that dogs make wonderful companions and are highly valued as family pets.

Here are some tips to follow when you are in public with your animal companion:

  • Ensure your pet is safely contained
  • Ensure your pet is not a nuisance
  • Walk your dog on a leash or utilise Parkes Council’s Spicer Park off-leash area
  • Scoop the poop

AND don’t forget that you and your beloved pooch can join in the Festival fun, at the Hound Dog Competition and Show!