Miss Priscilla Face of the Festival Criteria & Conditions


Please note that the following terms and conditions must be met. Failure to do so may result in disqualification from the competition.


  • All work, including colour, must be done solely by the competing stylist.
  • Contestants must have their own hair with no exceptions. Adornments may be used but must not dominate the overall look. No full wigs. No hair extensions.
  • If sashed as the 2024 Miss Priscilla Face of the Festival, the participant must be prepared to make themselves available to visit functions across the Festival, pose for photographs with fans, participate in the Street Parade, help award trophies (if necessary) and farewell the Elvis Express on the Monday morning, amongst other duties.


  • The judges will look at overall appearance, including makeup, hair and dress to resemble the pre-1969 look of Priscilla Presley.
  • Judges will look at technical ability, transformation and the ability to interpret your creation.


  • Hair – black, giving a shiny look and likeness to Priscilla.
  • Quality of work – styled in a Priscilla fashion; use of appropriate combing out techniques to ensure a smooth and professional finish; volume and direction; professional result replicating a Priscilla pre-1969 hairstyle
  • Makeup Application – applied cleanly and in a technique that replicates Priscilla.
    Foundation – Fair in colour but matched to the model’s skin tone. Eyes – The eyeliner is thicker on top than underneath but well defined. Eye shadow was light and covered the whole eye area. White eyeliner on bottom, inside eye lid. Lashes – False, thick, heavy. Longer lashes in the centre. Eyebrows – Dark and well defined with a thick front and thinner edge. Lips – Light in colour and very full. Blush – Should be light, just a soft touch.
  • Fashion Design – dressed in a likeness to Priscilla with a good choice of fashion (plain and solid colours). If you are replicating an outfit it is highly recommended to bring a photo of Priscilla wearing the outfit to the judging.
  • Communication Skills – good communication skills to be Face of the Festival.


  • The Face of the Festival Competition is open to models and freelance stylists 18 years and over.
  • Models must be 18 years and over to take part. ID is required for every participant.
  • The competition will take place on at 12.30pm on Friday, 12 January 2024 at Parkes Shire Council, Council Chambers, 2 Cecile Street in Parkes. Models must be registered and onsite by 12.15pm for judging.
  • There is no entry fee for the competition.
  • Stylists are not required to attend the judging.
  • No hair extensions or hair pieces may be used.
  • There is no limit to the number of entries for each salon or stylist.
  • All models must be dressed appropriately in presentable attire. No vulgarity will be allowed.
  • Registered participants are advised that they may be photographed or filmed by official Parkes Elvis Festival photographers or by officially accredited media. It is a condition of entry to the Face of the Festival Competition that participants consent to the use of any photos or film containing their image, by media outlets, and/or by the Parkes Elvis Festival and/or by related parties in pursuit of Parkes Elvis Festival objectives
  • All participants must adhere to and follow any instructions given by Parkes Elvis Festival Staff
  • If the models hair and make-up is done by the same stylist only one prize is given to that stylist.
  • It is a condition of entry that the Miss Priscilla winner must be available and forfill her itinerary of visiting functions across the Festival, pose for photographs with fans, participate in the Street Parade, help award trophies (if necessary) and farewell the Elvis Express on the Monday, amongst other duties before the prizes are awarded.
  • Miss Priscilla’s hair and make-up stylist must be available to do her hair and make up on the competition day on Friday as well as Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the Festival.

If any of these rules or regulations are not followed, the organisers have the right to refuse participation in the competition.

Entries must be received no later than 12pm Friday, 12 January 2024.


Anne Steel
P: 02 6863 4349