It’s funny how time slips away and with January coming around faster than you can say ‘Speedway‘ and COVID-19 restrictions changing any day now, we just can’t help believin’ that this is happening!

Always on my mind are the Festival fans who are getting all shook up saying it’s now or never, wanting to know if the Festival will go ahead in January 2021.

We don’t want to leave you with any moody blues, so are doin’ the best we can and moving the dates to 10-14 March 2021. Come what may, we’ll keep an eye on the situation and make a final call by the end of September if the Festival is proceeding.

We don’t want to leave you blowin’ in the wind with no where to leave your blue suede shoes so if you’ve booked a motel, pub or caravan site in Parkes, Forbes, Trundle, Bogan Gate or Tullamore, you’ll be able to follow that dream to the same accommodation in March.

The Festival team have been up to their beehives rubberneckin’ the situation ensuring that fans, artists, staff, volunteers and the community will stay safe. So c’mon everybody, walk a mile in our shoes, be optimistic and join us in wishing for a good luck charm that will send COVID-19 return to sender so we can enjoy the Festival.

So if you don’t come back in March it wouldn’t be the same without you. Sending you all a big hunk o’ love and a link to where you can read the official (more serious) statement.