UETA Song Selections

Congratulations on being accepted as a contestant for the Parkes Elvis Festival Preliminary Round of the Ultimate Elvis Artist Contest.

It’s time to let us know the songs you’d like to sing in the competition. Please read the information below then complete the form by 5pm on Wednesday, 15 December.

Song Selection Terms and Conditions

  • Each contestant will perform 2 (two) songs in the heat and the top 8 contestants in the final will perform 3 (three) songs each. The top 5 finalists will also perform one more song.
  • All songs performed must be songs Elvis sang. No custom or original songs are allowed.
  • If you only perform in the heat, you will perform 2 (two) songs in total. If you perform in the heat and make the top eight on Saturday, you will perform 5 (five) songs in total. If you make it all the way to the top five, you will perform 6 (six) songs in total.
HeatsPerform two songs
FinalPerform three more songs
Top 5Perform one more song
  • We wish to abstain from repeating too many songs in each show, so we require you to list your top songs in order of preference. We will allocate the songs to perform from this list. We require the following number of songs per section of the competition:
    • four songs for the Heats – you will perform two of these.
    • five songs for if you make the Finals – you will perform three of these.
    • three songs for if you make the Top 5 – you will perform one of these.
  • All up, you should list 12 songs.
  • Please note that in following EPE Semifinal rules, no medleys are permitted eg American Trilogy.
  • We request that you do not repeat songs. However, you may for the Heat and the Final, but not for the Final and Top 5.
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