We can’t help falling in love with our volunteers

We’ve just celebrated National Volunteers Week and can’t help falling in love with our volunteers and the amazing work that they do.

The army of volunteers you see in the red shirts help with every part of the Festival. They are the nuts and bolts that help the Festival to run smoothly and give us the capacity to show fans how much we love and appreciate them coming to the Festival.  Our volunteer portfolio holders who manage the Festival run events work throughout the year and dedicate their time and expertise to coordinating the events for our fans to enjoy. The Parkes SES are in force during the Northparkes Mines Street Parade to ensure our fans are safe and the parade runs like a well oiled machine. Parkes Rotary Club and Northparkes Mines provide support for the Elvis Express arrival. The Parkes Camera Club members are spattered throughout the Festival capturing moments of celebration, happiness and friendships that we can all look back upon and remember. Elvis Revival Inc (ERI) are the voice of the community and their members help throughout the Festival.  Parkes Ministers’ Association for organising the Elvis Gospel Service. It’s lovely to see church goers from all denominations come together for this wonderful event. Each and every one of our volunteers have played an important part in making the Festival experience one to remember.

We want to share some festival love to our volunteer coordinator, Sue McGrath.  Sue joined the organising committee as a volunteer in 1993 when there were only a handful of volunteers that did everything from washing up, marshaling the street parade, raising money through lamington drives and helping with all the bits and pieces that helped create this iconic festival.

Sue manages the Festivals volunteer program and is an absolute star. Over the years she has also organised the markets and was the committee treasurer.

Sue says she ❤️’s being a part of the festival and treasures the long-term friendships she has made.

When we asked Sue what she liked most about being involved she answered “It always gives me a real sense of achievement to know what the festival has done for our community and surrounding towns. I think it’s the friendliest festival in Australia and the most fun. I love meeting all the different people and volunteers every year.”

Sue’s family have been involved in the Festival over the years and many of them still volunteer today.

To our army of volunteers, our fans love you and we adore you. Thank you for your time, effort and the amazing job you do!

A special thanks to the Central West Credit Union for your continued sponsorship of the volunteer program. Your support for our volunteers and the Festival is greatly appreciated.

Parkes Elvis Festival Volunteer Partner