Big Fish Fossil Hut

The Big Fish Fossil Hut is at the Peak Hill Caravan Park, 2 Ween Street.

The collection is open from 8am-9pm daily.
Cost: FREE to guests or $3 for non-guests (children under 5 free).

This new attraction complements the range of tourism experiences already available in Peak Hill, conveniently situated between Parkes and Dubbo on the Newell Highway.

This collection includes a wide range of specimens representing ancient wildlife groups that have lived across Eastern Australia over the past 700 million years.
It includes trilobites, ammonites, seastars and arinoids through to fish, amphibians and dinosaurs. One dinosaur case features a giant rib of a sauropod dinosaur, similar to those being discovered in Queensland over the past couple of years.

Michael Durrant is the founder of the “World of Fossils” museums – a series of prehistory exhibitions that are now popping up all over Australia. His new Peak Hill exhibition has been installed at the Peak Hill Caravan Park and was officially opened in October 2009.

There is something for everyone who has a interest in prehistoric wildlife – from the earliest jellyfish, to even the scull of a ‘tiny’ ancestor of T.Rex.

The gigantic ‘star’ of this collection is the largest fossil fish on display anywhere in Australia. It is called Xiphactinus, and lived during the time of the dinosaurs. ‘The Big Fish Fossil Hut’ specimen is about 4.5 metres long. Every fishing fanatic travelling the Newell Highway will no doubt want to see it close up.