Soul Movers

Led by long-legged Lizzie Mack, a charismatic frontwoman with a penchant for groovy 1960’s vintage, and featuring the equally visually spectacular legend on lead guitar, much-loved ex-Red Wiggle, Murray Cook, The Soul Movers musical tour-de-force across a hip and funky musical spectrum has made them one of the most exciting live and festival acts on the touring circuit today.


Backed by a band oozing with musical talent, The Soul Movers have recorded in both the US and Australia to create four critically-acclaimed albums which are regularly presented with much humour and passion on many of Australia’s biggest festivals and most-loved festivals.


Evolving with over a decade of experience and collaboration, since their first album ‘On The IN-Side’ with hard-rocking Deniz Tek (Radio Birdman) on guitar, the outfit enjoys the stable union and magical combination of Lizzie Mack and Murray Cook with the resulting creation of three albums for ABC Music / UMA:  ‘Testify!’, ‘Bona Fide’ and this year’s new release – ‘Evolution’.


Since showcasing ‘Testify!’ at SXSW in 2017, then ambitiously recording ‘Bona Fide ’ at seven iconic studios across the United States (including Sun and Royal Studios in Memphis and Fame and Muscle Shoals Sound in Alabama) the band’s sound has only grown from strength to strength as apprentices to hit-making masters like ‘The Swampers’ – as reflected in reviews of the resulting album:


This is music that is all about the soul – its passion, emotional nuance, heartbreak, celebration, hurt and love. ‘Bona Fide’ is the sound of a talented, experienced bunch of soul-music lovers making a record where the essence of this passion and feeling is coursing through their veins. You can’t really ask for anything more.

Brian Wise, Editor, Rhythms Magazine


Australian tour dates ensued and The Soul Movers proceeded to sell out live shows across the nation, leaving audiences enthralled wherever they went and eager to join The Soul Movers family now they had a cohesive offering and territory that audiences responded to with equal measures of recognition, passion, and enthusiastic interaction.


March 2021 marked the release of The Soul Movers fourth album ‘Evolution’. Working with renowned producer Garth Porter (Sherbet) and featuring bandmate the legendary bass player Tony Mitchell, the band retained their soulful roots while also branching out and bringing in more retro-rock, soul-funk and even disco elements.


The resulting record captures The Soul Movers incredible energy, broad influences and diverse talent. ‘Evolution’ was supported by four singles and video clips, including ‘Circles’, which saw the original Wiggles lineup reunited to lift the spirits of a nation during lockdown with a retro workout video a la Richard Simmons. The album and singles have been met with widespread critical acclaim and their YouTube and socials lit up with a response of love and admiration for the band’s visual panache and exuberant flair.


The Soul Movers lineup now features a star-studded cast of musicians who count themselves among the best in Australia. At times described as a “supergroup”, Lizzie Mack and Murray Cook are joined by bassists Matt Crawford and Tony Mitchell (Sherbet), Marko Simec on keys (Waiting For Guinness) and legendary session drummer Luke Herbert (Paul Kelly, Kasey Chambers, Don Walker etc). Together they deliver a unified and electrifying live performance that impresses audiences and critics alike wherever they go.


Taking in a Soul Movers live show is an essential experience for anyone seriously interested in that broad umbrella of “live music.”

Bernie Howitt, RAM Magazine

“Murray Cook and Lizzie Mack have forged an alliance so powerful, so fearsomely funky, that The Soul Movers have become one of the most exciting live bands in the land…”

Glenn A. Baker AM, Journalist/ARIA Hall of Fame Advisory Committee

Currently promoting their latest release ‘Evolution’ will tour all Australian capitals as well as return to much-loved live venues where OG Wiggles fans flock to see Murray ‘shred’.  Expect to see The Soul Movers headline shows at prominent venues and appearances at major festivals. The band is also working on a YouTube Exclusive video series called ‘Murray’s Music Mates’, which will feature interviews with many of Australia’s well-known faces as well as some up and coming young bands. Whatever The Soul Movers are up to you can bet one thing; it’s going to be retro, rockin’ and FUN.


“The Soul Movers are aptly named for their body-driven music that will have any seated crown writhing in their seats. Fronted by Lizzie Mack and Murray Cook (aka the original red Wiggle), the group combine electrifying guitar riffs with 60s soul-groove and a sprinkling of pop to form a night out that audiences will never forget.

TSM’s high energy bursts through to deliver a new album which is a tasty collection of surprise and delight”.

Tait McGregor, The AU Review

“The very essence of soul music beats inside the members of The Soul Movers and as such they play the music with feeling, passion and a big, pulsating heart. In every way they celebrate its history and look forward to it’s ever evolving future – a future that they themselves are part of.””

Stuart Coupe, Author/Journalist/ Radio Broadcaster

“You want a word to describe the Soul Movers? How about electric.”
Sean Sennett, ABC Radio


Lizzie Mack – Lead vocal/ tambourine

Murray Cook – Guitar

Matt Crawford – Rhythm Guitar

Marko Simec – Keys

Tony Mitchell – Bass

Luke Herbert – Drums


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