Lenard Connolly

Introducing the only indigenous Elvis tribute artist performing today – the incredible Lenard Connolly. As a young Wiraadjuri boy, Lenard grew up in the Brungle mission school in the foothills of New South Wales’s Snowy Mountains where at the age of 6, he was requested by his teachers to perform the Elvis hit song “Teddy Bear” for his classmates.  He’s been an Elvis fan ever since.

He first pulled on an Elvis costume over a decade ago when he created a live and faithful performance of the King’s great hits wowing crowds across the country.  As a regular performer at the Parkes Elvis Festival, Len has a growing number of fans who enjoy this quality performer delivering great music.

His show – Shadow of the King featuring Elvis’s greatest hits, costumes including faithful replicas of iconic jumpsuits, full sideburns, Elvis signature moves and gestures and can be performed as a solo act or with a full band for that premium experience.