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Bill Croft

Bill is from Sydney and his passion for wanting to play and perform music came at a very young age when he fell in love with a cartoon about a band we now know as The Beatles. His vocal ability to sound like any one of the Beatles is uncanny and now with over 25 years’ experience in the entertainment industry, it’s easy to see why Bill is still a sought after versatile act. Bill manages and performs in tribute shows 'Sixties Invasion', 'Yesterday's Heroes' and his main focus 'Beatle Magic'. Bill has also had the opportunity to be involved in other tribute shows such as 'The British Tribute Invasion', 'Stars in your Eyes' and has performed lead role as John Lennon in 'Nowhere Man' which showed in theatres and casino’s around Australia. Recently Bill has put together another tribute show with Award Winning Elvis Tribute Artist Damian Mullin. The show is called 'Elvis and Beatles Come Together'. The concept is to show the audience what it would have been like to see Elvis Presley and The Beatles performing together on the same stage. Bill also performs plenty of solo work around clubs in NSW, such as his one man show 'Imagine John - a Lennon Tribute' and 'Roy Orbison & Friends'. If you haven’t worked it out Bill lives and breathes music and another love of his life is his wife Darlene.

Darlene Croft

Darlene is from Sydney and has been around the music scene all her life. She travelled with her mother and her father, the late Ian Phillips, who was a very well-known entertainer as he toured Australia. Darlene in her wildest dreams never thought that she would ever be a performer herself after watching her father up on stage so confident. Low and behold one day her husband Bill suggested they should join forces to create their own duo team. They have now been performing for 10 years.


Parkes Leagues Club

192 Clarinda Street
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Parkes Leagues Club

P: 0268621499