Rock n Roll Partner Dance with Sharee Wilson – Beginners Level 2

Learn Rock ’n’ Roll Partner Dance & Line Dance for Adult Beginners with Sharee Wilson at the air-conditioned Holly Family School Hall, Albert St.

  • 4 step Rock ’n’ Roll Partner Dance is very easy to learn, adaptable to most speeds of music and authentic to the 1950’s.
  • Each class is 90 minutes in duration and costs $30 per person per class.
  • Classes will start and finish on time. Arrive early. Wear appropriate footwear

Watch a video on these rock n roll dance lessons here

Need help getting a dance partner? Go to the Parkes Rock n Roll Dance Lessons Facebook page and post your request for a partner. Couples can stay dancing together. Singles that have a stranger for a partner will be rotating partners.


Level 2 – Beginners Rock n Roll Partner Dance for Adults (dance partner required)

The content of this class will be different everyday with at least 2- 3 new moves. You can join this class on any day as long as you have completed the Level 1- Absolute Beginners class.


also available

Level 1- Absolute Beginners Rock n Roll Partner Dance for Adults (dance partner required)

Start this class on any day. You will learn the foundation basics and some easy Rock ‘n’ Roll moves. You will learn safe dance practice so you don’t injure yourself or your partner. The content of this class is identical each day.


Line Dancing – Rock n Roll for Adults (no partner required)

Learn two Rock ‘n’ Roll style line dances. This class will be repeated each day.

Line dancing is not just for country music. Line dancing has been part of the social dance floor throughout the decades in all the styles of music including the 50’s rock n roll era. The films Hairspray and Staying Alive have line dances. And the famous Nut Bush City became a line dance. Sharee has choreographed some easy to learn line dances for the Parkes Elvis Festival


The venue is air-conditioned, toilets and ensuite, street parking, Elvis Festival bus service.

Holy Family School Hall

  • Wednesday, 8th Jan 11:00am (1 Hour and 30 minutes)
  • Thursday, 9th Jan 11:00am (1 Hour and 30 minutes)
  • Friday, 10th Jan 11:00am (1 Hour and 30 minutes)
  • Saturday, 11th Jan 02:00pm (1 Hour and 30 minutes)
  • Sunday, 12th Jan 11:00am (1 Hour and 30 minutes)
COST $30


Holy Family School Hall

Holy Family School Parkes


Sharee Wilson

P: 0425972572