Rock and Bowl Dinner Show

Join our ELVIS EXPRESS ETA’s in one of the Festival’s biggest parties!! You’ll hear from Che Orton, Johnny Angel, Aaron Mansfield, Kingsley Rock, Anthony Fenech, George Brooking and hosted by John Collins.

2 course meal and 3 hours of great entertainment.

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For children admissions please call 123 Tix –  02 6881 8632

Parkes Bowling and Sports Club

  • Thursday, 9th Jan 07:00pm (3 Hours and 30 minutes)
COST $50

Anthony Fenech

Anthony Paul Fenech is 23-year-old Elvis Tribute Artist who pays tribute to Elvis Presley in the 1950’s and Movies era. Having been hailed as a “Rising Star” in the Industry, Anthony sets his sights on becoming one of Australia’s top 50s Elvis Tribute Acts. Anthony is a 2nd generation Elvis Tribute Artist, following in the […]

Che Orton

New Zealand born musician and singer Che Orton, has been entertaining professionally for the past 17 years and has travelled throughout New Zealand and overseas as a solo artist and in professional tribute shows. After 14 years of being in tribute shows, Che has also formed one of the top bands around the Waikato, and has quickly gained a great reputation for polished performances throughout the country. In 2016, he travelled to Nashville to record his first single, “You’re the Reason” written for his wife. The song enjoyed success on one of NZ’s top radio station play lists. An accomplished singer/songwriter and recording artist Che represented NZ at the Texas Country Music Awards in 2017 having been recognised for his own songs. He is an incredibly versatile performer, sings a broad repertoire of music including with his own band and is well known throughout the clubs in New Zealand as both a soloist, a Bee Gee, a band lead and of course one of NZ’s top Elvis Tribute Artists.

Johnny Angel

Johnny Angel has been performing around and about and has entered the Down Under ETA competitions for the last few years. Launching his career in Auckland at the Elvis in the Gardens event in 2013, Johnny’s career has continued to grow in momentum. He has also performed at the Elvis Memorial Club’s Elvis in the Park event in recent years. He has a fabulous voice and brings a popular Pacifica feel to Elvis’s music.

Aaron Mansfield

Aaron is considered one of the best vocal replicas of Roy Orbison in the world today. His shows feature costumes and musical instuments identical to those used by Roy Orbison, Aarons' attention to detail makes for a world class tribute act.

John Collins

After being entered into a singing competition by friends on a golf trip, (much to his surprise), John came away a winner at the age of 27. He then pursued singing lessons and followed his dream, back then it wasn't necessarily to portray Elvis, but to sing anywhere, any place any time! His family influence then kicked in - as long as he can remember they were playing Elvis. When it came to performing Elvis songs, well that seemed to come easily to John as it was a natural way of being! John had his start singing at the Blue Gum theatre restaurant, then was fortunate enough to pick up the role as Elvis in the multi "Mo" Award nominated showband "Heroes From Heaven". John is grateful to "Heroes" which taught him so much, and he had many amazing, crazy, fun and enjoyable experiences over the years Working the "Heroes from Heaven", creating his own show "Walking in Memphis" and singing with other bands and performing solo work, has evolved him personally and professionally leading him to this point in my life where entertaining audiences, large - small and everywhere in between is a wonderful and very special part of his life. John could go on about all the fabulous experiences he has had over the years, however each performance of John's is still as exciting as the first. He loves performing and interacting with the audience, which comes across in every show.


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