Pin Up Posing & Deportment Workshop

Join us for a day that empowers YOU!!!

This old school deportment, pinup posing workshop will teach you some good old fashioned skills of self presentation!

Learn all about how to best present yourself, how to feature your assets, wether it be for everyday use, photographic work or even stage presence/performance… we cover it all!

Build self confidence knowing how to put your best foot forward (literally) whilst learning how to walk, stand, pose & sit with pride.

Self presentation through beautiful body lines can have such a positive impact on you & how you appear to others.


Limited to just 30 spaces in total!

Twinkle Toes Dance Studio

  • Friday, 10th Jan 10:00am (3 Hours)
COST $180


Twinkle Toes Dance Studio

P: 0439229976


Boogie Bop Dames/ Miss Pinup Australia

E: [email protected]