Lounge Elvis

Lounge Elvis calls himself Marrickville’s finest Elvis Tribute Artist. He got hooked on The King working in a restaurant that only played Elvis, and started sneaking the tapes home, to keep the music playing everywhere, around the clock. Lounge’s favourite period of Elvis is 68-72, and the tracks laid down at American Studios with Chips Moman – In the Ghetto, Don’t Cry Daddy, Kentucky Rain.. whats not to like. Lounge says there is no better place to play than Parkes in January, and his 110% Elvis show is always different and a Parkes festival favourite

Lounge has now being doing the Parkes Festival now for over 10 years and has a huge cult following.He is is one of a kind injecting comedy and wackiness into his shows.But always with the Elvis theme.

Parkes Railway Bowling Club

  • Thursday, 9th Jan 04:00pm (2 Hours)
  • Friday, 10th Jan 03:30pm (1 Hour)
  • Saturday, 11th Jan 04:00pm (2 Hours)
  • Sunday, 12th Jan 06:00pm (2 Hours)

Chris White

It was 1987 when Chris White realised he felt "wrong" if he did not listen to Elvis at least once a day. But he did not make it to the Festival until 2001. Chris had read about the festival whilst living overseas and couldn't wait to go. Two years later, he was strutting around Parkes in his finest Elvis outfit and is now a regular performer at the Festival. Chris now performs Lounge Elvis, a show that is a bit different, very entertaining and unique, but still honouring The King.


Parkes Railway Bowling Club

Hooley Street, Parkes
P: 0268622772


Parkes Railway Bowling Club

P: 0268622772