Frankie & Johnny Movie

Habitual gambler and musician Johnny (Elvis Presley) performs at a riverboat casino on the Mississippi River, along with his girlfriend, Frankie (Donna Douglas). A rash of bad luck leads Johnny to a fortuneteller, who informs him of a redheaded good luck charm. Enter Nellie Bly (Nancy Kovack), the lover of Johnny’s boss, whose presence coincides with a change in Johnny’s luck. But Frankie grows jealous of Johnny’s new acquaintance, and the conflict comes to a head during a masquerade ball.

Generosity Church has comfortable seats, is air-conditioned, has disabled toilets, parents feeding room with coffee and refreshments available for purchase.

Generosity Church is located on Bogan Street opposite Parkes Little Theatre. Gold Coin Donation.

Generosity Church

  • Wednesday, 8th Jan 10:00am (1 Hour and 30 minutes)
  • Thursday, 9th Jan 10:00am (1 Hour and 30 minutes)
  • Friday, 10th Jan 02:00pm (1 Hour and 30 minutes)
  • Saturday, 11th Jan 03:00pm (1 Hour and 30 minutes)


Generosity Church

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