Rock ‘n’ Roll Dances Lessons with Stan & Stela Alexander – Intermediate Swing

CENTRAL WEST NSW DANCE SPORTS ACADEMY – Stan & Stela, internationally qualified, experienced and licensed dance teachers.

OUR ROCK ‘N’ ROLL DANCE CLASSES – The Popular Music of the 50’s & 60’s encouraged the dancers of the era into different styles of dance. We will be teaching two popular Rock ‘n’ Roll styles, one that started in the 1930’s – Jitterbug & the other started in the 1940’s – Swing and where these two styles are both derived from different forms of “Lindy”. Single Lindy and Double Lindy encompass both “Fast and Slow versions of Rock ‘n’ Roll Swing Music”. Not all Rock ‘n’ Roll music is “FAST”, there are slow numbers through to fast numbers.

We will be teaching these styles of dances in our Rock ‘n’ Roll Dance Classes so you can enjoy dancing to the max! See what it’s all about here.  check us out on Facebook or our website

Student Info:

Footwear & clothing etc: Anything you are comfortable in will work, as long as closed shoes are included, no thongs, socks (in place of shoes) or bare feet allowed. Please bring water and towel as dancing as well as weather will make you heat up, even with air conditioning. Weight loss is an added bonus at no extra charge.
Cold Drinks will be available or purchase.

Leave Negativity at home, yes, we have heard about “two left feet” an so many other negative sayings. We firmly believe in – “Walk in – Dance out”. Anyone that comes with a reasonable “walk action” and a positive attitude will be able to dance and enjoy a great time. Stay positive and we will do our best for your success.


BEGINNER CLASSES are suited to those that have never danced through to those looking for better technique and improved skill. A few figures are taught in each dance with technical information to enhance your enjoyment

INTERMEDIATE CLASSES are best suited to those that have attended our Beginner Classes to move forward learning some new moves with appropriate technical input adding value to your leaning developmen

ADULTS, KIDS OR TEENS UNDER 18YRS are all in one class, with a separate teacher to attend each age group to assist your learning. We want you to be a success and have the time of your life while dancing.

AVERAGE TALENT/ABILITY: means you do qualify to attend both Beginner Classes and the following Intermediate Class.

Middleton Public School

  • Wednesday, 8th Jan 06:00pm (1 Hour and 30 minutes)
  • Thursday, 9th Jan 06:00pm (1 Hour and 30 minutes)
  • Friday, 10th Jan 06:00pm (1 Hour and 30 minutes)
  • Saturday, 11th Jan 06:00pm (1 Hour and 30 minutes)
  • Sunday, 12th Jan 06:00pm (1 Hour and 30 minutes)
COST $$25 Adults / $20 Teens/Kids


Middleton Public School

17 Medlyn Street, Parkes NSW, Australia


Stan and Stela Alexander

E: [email protected]