A Brand New ‘Sean Luke Spiteri’ – The Impossible Dream

Sean Luke Spiteri portrayed Elvis Presley for 18 years as an actor and always focused on a very authentic portrayal. His goal was to always capture the essence and persona of Elvis Presley focusing on his stage performances.  After many years of studying the way Elvis sang and moved on stage, his electrifying tribute to Elvis Presley was second to none. Sean studied the King’s life and his devotion and art was to always keep Elvis Presley’s legacy alive!

Sean became an award winning Elvis Tribute Artist in 2012 and in 2014. Soon enough he was ranked Australia’s #1, making him a two time award winning Elvis Tribute Artist, which led him to perform in Memphis Tennessee, USA.  After this, his career grew from strength to strength performing at various venues and theatres around all of Australia. He toured regularly and he was the most intricate Elvis Tribute Show performer in the country. Sean ensured that everything he wore was authentic, right down to the jewellery. His Elvis Costume wardrobe is worth over $50,000.

After 18 years of performing as Elvis Presley on stage, it was time to head into another direction. In 2019, Sean cut his hair, shaved his sideburns off and wanted to focus on ELVIS THE PIONEER. He decided to drop the act on stage and he wanted to create a show where he could not only honour Elvis’ music, but also educate people on Elvis the person; his career and his triumphs, the good times and the bad. Sean wanted to strip it all back and with so many years studying Elvis’s life, this made perfect sense to him. Sean could be himself and talk about his idol on stage while still paying tribute to him in a very different style.

This is the new SEAN LUKE SPITERI in his brand new concept show ‘THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM’ – an up close and personal intimate show reflecting on Elvis Presley and his life. Sean has now debuted ‘THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM’ for Elvis fans to sit back, take in the music and understand what the true Elvis was all about. Sean will give you an insight into the story behind these great timeless songs and will talk to his audience about the journey that he has been on as an Elvis Tribute Artist. This show is a celebration of the greatest entertainer that has ever lived.

‘Elvis lit the torch, I am just carrying it’ – Sean Luke Spiteri.

Don’t miss Sean Luke Spiteri in ‘THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM.’

Parkes Services Club

  • Sunday, 12th Jan 02:00pm (2 Hours and 30 minutes)
COST $35

Sean Luke Spiteri

Sean found his passion for music at the age of 3 and this passion turned into a career at the age of 11. He was also influenced by Elvis Presley in his early childhood and has been paying tribute to 'The King' for over 10 years. Sean has now been electrifying audiences for over 16 years, with his high energy presence, charisma and passion on stage. Sean's Elvis moves are some of the sharpest in the country and his strong Elvis vocals along with his authentic Elvis wardrobe is a dynamic combination to witness live. In 2000, his show 'Elvis Rock in Sean' was recognized as one of the best Elvis tribute shows in this country. Sean pays tribute to Elvis with so much passion, always keeping it very authentic and respectful to his idol. Sean’s Elvis tribute show has taken him all over the country and his act portrays Elvis Presley at the peak of his career. His show focuses on the early concert years of Presley when he returned to Las Vegas in 1969/1970 and re-claimed his status as the ‘greatest entertainer of all time’.


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