1. To be included in the pocket guide, top line listing information must be received no later than 31 October 2023.
    2. Advertisement price includes the graphic design. Once the text and image/s have been received, two sets of minor changes are allowed. The advertiser is responsible for all further changes and associated costs.
    3. Advertiser is to approve artwork within 2 days of receiving the proof.
    4. Advertisers that require graphic design must supply content, high resolution images/logo and details such as font type no later than 15 October 2023.
    5. Print ready advertisements are to be submitted by 31 October 2023.
    6. All advertisement artwork must be created as per the advertising specifications in a print ready pdf at 100% size.
    7. Photographs or images used in advertisements or listings must be respectable and match the values and tone of Parkes Elvis Festival.
    8. Parkes Elvis Festival has the privilege of being an official partner with the estate of Elvis Presley, Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE) Inc and are licensed to use specific images of Elvis Presley. No images of Elvis should be used in third-party advertisements who are not directly licensed with EPE.
    9. Elvis PresleyTM, The KingTM and ElvisTM are all trademarks of EPE. Any advertising using these names need to have the TM symbol the first time the name appears. The EPE legal taglines (see point 10) have to be added when these appear.
    10. The EPE legal tagline to be added to advertisements referred to in point 9 is;
      Elvis PresleyTM © 2022 AGB EPE IP LLC
      In addition, when the Parkes Elvis Festival name or logo is included the following line should be added;
      Official Parkes Elvis Festival Partner
    11. Closing date for official program bookings is 31 October 2023.
    12. All advertising accounts must be paid in full by 1 December 2023.
    13. Parkes Elvis Festival reserves the right to reject any advertisement they deem unsuitable for publication.
    14. The Parkes Elvis Festival accepts no responsibility whatsoever for typesetting/artwork done by a third-party on behalf of the advertiser.
    15. Parkes Elvis Festival may place advertisements and listings in categories and pages at its discretion.
    16. The Advertiser guarantees their right to use and supply any intellectual properties provided and indemnifies Parkes Elvis Festival from any action resulting from the use of such intellectual properties.
    17. Cancellation: If the 2024 Parkes Elvis Festival is cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions placed on Festival’s by the Government, a full refund will be given to all advertisers.