2022 Festival Theme

Start your engines and speed your way to the 2022 Parkes Festival, where we’ll celebrate Elvis’ 1968 musical film, Speedway.

Elvis stars as Steve Grayson, a generous race car driver with a heart of gold who feels compelled to bail friends and acquaintances out of financial hardship. However, his manager is a compulsive gambler and had been mismanaging Steve’s winnings to support his gambling habits, landing Steve in deep trouble with the IRS for nonpayment of taxes and causing many of Steve’s valuable possessions to be repossessed. This proves to be a problem for Steve in his efforts to continue racing competitively and support those who depend on his intense generosity.

Susan Jacks (played by Nancy Sinatra) is the IRS agent assigned to keep tabs on Steve and apply his future prize money toward his debt, but she ends up taking a romantic interest in him as well.

The costumes are fun. Think go-go dancing girls, overalls, racing suits, cars, red, white and blue – there are so many options to dress in theme! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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